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The deck is down to the bare frame. Big thanks to the previous homeowner for leaving me tons of debris and rotten boards with rusty screws sticking out.

Aside from a bicycle pump, this was the strangest discovery under the deck. It looks like there was an attempt to shore up some cracks, but it’s only about 16 inches long and was just laying in the dirt so who knows.

10 foot boards can fit in a Sienna, but not an inch more.

Our power went out after a big thunderstorm, so I pulled out the work light that came in my Ryobi power tool combo set I thought I’d never use.

This outage is weird, the storm was intense, but it wasn’t until a good 10 minutes after the rain stopped that the neighborhood went dark.

It was very dark and very quite outside. The absence of streetlights was especially remarkable. They’re important for safety but a huge source of light pollution.

It's a good thing I have two pairs of boots.