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Sasuke dropped the computer in the bathtub, so we put it in rice.

Probably my most treasured possession as a child. Manufactured 1989. I wonder if she'll still take a charge?

It works! The same can't be said for the Walgreens 9-volt battery I found in the box.

The boys playing with a train.

My little work from home distraction.

I bought a new battery pack for the White Tiger Turbo Buggy, along with rechargeable 9V batteries. It's fantastic, we drove for over half an hour, vs the 5 minutes the old pack could still muster.

Only now have I discovered that what I always understood as a child to be the "turbo battery" is most likely only responsible for the radio (matching the 9V in the controller). After a lengthy session the 9V reported as fully charged almost immediately. Maybe I didn't need to invest in rechargeable 9V batteries afterall, oh well.

He spots Mama on the way home.

Sasuke flies the drone.

Social bubble merger. 👍